Hello, I’m not that good with introductions lol but here you can find;

~•Book and music recommendations ~•motivational quotes and posts ~•poetry from time to time ~•christian posts ~•study tips

The reason I started this blog was just to create a cozy space where you can relax and get good advice at the same time. I want it to be a place you look forward to visiting. Kinda like how you use tik tok to unwind or YouTube to entertain yourself.

Feel free to check out my content and leave comments *wink,wink*

My Latest Posts

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  • Selfish
    Selfish I understand.I know he’s going through a lot,I know she’s busy with school work,I know i could be handling this better.But is it really all that bad,If i want […]
  • Plagiarism
    A poet’s worst enemy,A thief’s best friend.Your work or an idea gets stolen from you,Pulled out from underneath you,By someone you’d least expect. There’s this ache in your chest,It really […]
  • No happily ever after.
    I used to love fairytales as a kid.I fell in love with the characters, the plot lines within.The little me was always, expecting a happily ever after ,But the older […]
  • On purpose
    She screams at her everyday“Can’t you do any better?”“What is wrong wth you?”Like that’s supposed to help her,Like it corrects her behavior. He hits his girl,Punches her hard,She screams “help […]
  • Falling out of love
    Maybe we aren’t meant to be together.Were we ever together in the first place?It kinda hurts all this waiting,But being who I am, I say nothing at all. I know […]
  • My best friend
    My best friend and I were like two peas in a pod.Like Harry and Ron, like Archie and Jug.We barely ever got along but life was good.I see now that […]
  • Alone
    It’s weird how you can feel alone,When you’re surrounded by people at work and at home.You start to wonder if you’re the problem,If something is wrong with you,Or maybe that’s […]
  • To be enough
    What does it really feel like,To be enough?To feel happy in my own shoes,And not wondering about my own self worth. Everyday I question my actions,Replaying every scenario in my […]
  • Numb
    That’s how I feel,Utterly numb.Like I felt too much at one point,Then suddenly nothing at all. I can’t get out of bed,Can’t find my motivation,Everyone’s telling me,“Get up, you can […]
  • How I feel
    Everyone else seems to be doing alright. Why cant I just be fine? Why am I so hurt and angry all the time? Why do I care? Tina shrugged it […]

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